Client Gallery Status

Here you will see an up to date status on your final gallery.

Galleries are edited in the order they are shot. At the top of the list is the oldest session, and the bottom is most recent.

*Not Processed* = Your selection gallery has not yet been loaded or sent out to you. Once I have culled through and loaded your images, you will receive an email on how to make your selections.

*Selection Gallery Sent* = Your selection gallery has been emailed to you and I am waiting for your selections.

*Selections Received* = I have received your selections and your session is ready for me to edit.

*Gallery In Queue* = Gallery is in line to be edited!

*Final Gallery In Progress* = Your gallery is currently being edited and will be to you soon!

If you do not see your name on this list, check your email and your messages! Your final gallery has likely been sent out! If you have any other questions feel free to contact me! Thank you for your patience!