Allen Harper - Harper Farm & Apiary

Call me bias, but this could be one of my favorites in a while! Of course this is my husband, and these are our (his lol) bees, but the passion this man has for this "hobby" he's built over the past year is amazing to watch. Seeing him completely immerse himself in all things bees, and learn so much bout them and how they operate is inspiring! When he puts his mind to something, there's no stopping him, and he's definitely put his mind to bee keeping. Seeing his family be so proud to see him carry on a legacy his great grandfather was involved in is just heart warming! One of his main inspirations for getting into beekeeping has brought back so many memories for his dad and grandmother, and I just love to hear all the stories they have to tell about the patriarch of the Singletary family! If you have any bee swarms you need removed from your property, definitely give us a call! Allen takes his time and care collecting as many as he can to help you feel safer and preserve the life of these amazing little creatures!!!